Walk in the Woods

Well, the New Year has come and gone, January’s finished and so is Feb, so we are firmly in the New Year but I’m really looking forward to October. Because that’s when I start Uni.

Well on a totally different note some of my family and me when to a local Forrest at the weekend and had a great time. We walked relatively far into the woods, but not as far as I would have liked. It’s an amazing feeling in those woods, not sure how to describe it, like endless possibilities. I’ve set myself a task to try and identify at least some of the plants and trees so I’ve got a book and will read up on it for my return visit. I even managed to get some birch bark which is meant to be great for fire lighting but haven’t managed to try it yet.

Last Christmas I received my first pair of binoculars so I took them along. They were great, I never imaged they would be so clear. Didn’t manage to see many animals with them, but a few birds.

There were quite a few dog walkers and I think my mum has a fear of them, the dogs rather than the owners, as soon as she sees or hears them she gets all jumpy. Extremely funny. But on the animal front in the car on the way there and back we I Deer, actual Deer. I had no idea they were there, and that is the first time I’ve seen them in real life. Made my day. But it got even better as on the way home as we were passing between two parallel hedgerows a Fox slunk out and crossed the road to the opposite hedge row right in front of us.

So all in all a great day.


~ by silverbacks on March 3, 2008.

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