That is exactly what the actions of some people are.

On the way to work I listen to the news, and today there was a piece on the RAF and how soldiers are being advised to wear civilian attire when in public places. Due to the fact they are being abused by the public. Not long ago I heard the same thing said to Army soldiers about traveling on public services.

How do those of you who do this justify yourselves.

For a start these soldiers have no say in where they are sent, just like you in your job, when told to do something by your boss/supervisor you do it.  So why are you blaming service men and women for choices they do not make? If you don’t agree with where these soldiers are sent then take it up with those who can change it. Not create further misery in soldiers’ lives.

They have joined up to protect and serve you and your country. Putting their lives in danger so you can be safe. And be under no illusions, they are underpaid and under supported just like many others. Is this fair, service men and women have enough stresses as it is. Many comeback with physical and mental injuries because their job. When they return they are under supported and then you abuse them.  Put yourself in their shoes, could you do the same job, full knowing the dangers and then knowing when you come back you will be abused for what you endured.

We cannot change that the UK went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan all we can do is hope for a quick end. So is abusing our armed forces helping this end. If you want to change policies and make your view on the wars known by all means do. But do it to the people who can make a difference, to people whose job it is to make the public’s voice heard such as your MP or even the PM.  

But do not unburden on our soldiers because your harsh words have more impact on other people’s lives than you think.


~ by silverbacks on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Disgraceful”

  1. i think so to why should they have to put up with this they are saving our lives.

  2. thank you for this post if only everyone could read it

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